Freshly brewed coffee 
( but you knew that, right? ) 

Espresso Drinks
Espresso (Normale) - the standard shot.
Espresso Ristretto - a concentrated shot.
Macchiato - Espresso with a dollop of foam.
Con Panna - Espresso with whip cream.
Romano - Espresso with a twist of lemon on the side.
Americano - Espresso shot with hot water added.
Mug Shot - A shot of espresso added to house coffee .
Affogato - Serving of Italian gelato with an espresso moat.
White Mocha
Mexican Mocha
Iced Espresso Drinks
Al Puccino
Killer Man Java
Witch Hazel
MissionHill Ice Cream Drinks
Gelato Float
Gritty Kitty
Frosty Mug

The Ugly Mug proudly serves many vegan and vegetarian options ✵

An eclectic variety of loose leaf teas from Rishi 
Iced Tea
Tea Latte
Masala Chai Latte
Larry’s Famous Chai 

Specialty Drinks
Ray-of-Fricken’ Sunshine
Donnie Darko - cream, espresso, and almond over ice.
Green Goblin - Yerba Mate Latte with citrus spunk.
Caffe Borgia
Sunrise Sarai - chai with vanilla, half and half, and ice.
Mighty Pint - Guinness with espresso.

Hot Drinks
Hot Chocolate 
Mocha Chai Latte
Steamer - Steamed milk with flavored syrup
Apple Cider
Cold Drinks
Fruit Smoothie
Italian Soda
New York Egg Cream
Chocolate Milk
Gizdich Apple Juice
Soda Pop
Assorted Beer (it’s true)

Steel-Cut Oats
Spring Rolls
“Dirty” Potato Chips
Featured entrée item
Lasagna and Vegan Tamali Pie

Fresh baked goods 
MissionHill Ice Cream